About Me

I’ve been ‘starting’ my blog for about 2 years now and finally decided to stop letting my excuses of not having enough time or putting myself out there too much hold me back. I keep thinking how much my life has changed these past few years and how I wished I’d documented it more to look back on. So here I am!

I’m originally from the Seattle area but have been living in LA for the past 6 years. Shortly after moving here I met my husband…at a bar…we will save that story for another time 🙂 In the 4 years before we got married, we traveled, bought a fixer upper, planned a wedding, and made a baby (yes we packed a lot of milestones into 4 short years)!

After a HORRIBLE pregnancy (I’ll share more later) we have a beautiful baby girl named Scarlett. She is my whole world and as a newly “stay-at-home-mom” I am soaking up every moment of motherhood with her.

Thanks for following along on my journey, I’m glad you’re here!